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Adorablea akita Puppies for Re-Homing

Angeles, Pampanga - 09 Dec, 2017
  • Dogs


Tokuguay’s Kurai Kishi is an AKC registered silver brindle pinto marked male with b&w, or white/brindle mask. We call him Batman, and his registered name translates to "Tokuguay's Dark Knight" to go along with that. We named him as such because his white markings reminded us of Batman's bat logo and utility belt This is our smaller of 3 boys, but all pups are very large in this litter. This boy weighed a pound at birth. At 2 weeks old he was 3.5lbs. This pup will NOT be a good match for a family that plans to have him crated at night, as he would rather lay next to your bed, and would be better off with a family that is home a good portion of the day rather than a family who works all day as he prefers companionship. He is a very sweet boy who will make an excellent family dog.

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