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Colour Keep is the answer. With this spray, you can restore your hair color in a span of just 28 days.

Manila, Metropolitan Manila - 14 Feb, 2022
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What causes premature graying of hair and is there a chance to stop the process? Prof. Kiran Godsy reveals us an innovative product, tested by herself, that can help you restore your hair to its initial color. Say “goodbye” to gray hair and return your beautiful natural hair color!

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“Prof. Godsy, thank you for this interview! We believe that it could be helpful to millions of people around the world who suffer from premature graying of their hair. Moreover, the process you will be talking about is an innovation in medicine, something discovered recently, am I right?”

“Yes, several years ago and even today many people believe that when your hair starts changing its color to gray, this process is unstoppable. Gray hair not only changes the way we see ourselves but also reflects our confidence in relationships with people. This is true both -for men and women. I myself experienced that problem 5 years ago. Then I started researching more information about this process, which of course is related to the health of the person. While searching for more and more information, I came across this amazing product, called Colour Keep that can restore your natural color. After a few weeks of application I said goodbye to any gray root on my head.”

“Prof. Godsy, before telling us more about this absolutely incredible product – Colour Keep, would you please tell us more what causes graying of hair?”

“The appearance of gray hair has nothing to do with age. Reasons to look for in genetics or in the immune system. In addition, graying can be caused by circulatory disorders, stress or inflammation. Actually, hair aging is more associated with a change in hormonal levels. Usually, after 45 years, the production of estrogens decreases, which control the biological cycles of the body as a whole and skin and hair cells in particular. Because of this, hair growth slows down, their loss is not compensated sufficiently by the growth of new ones.

Hair color is determined by the level of melanin. It depends on the amount of dye - the pigment that is in the cells of the cortical layer of the hair, and on the amount of air with which the pigment is diluted. Actually, two pigments play a key role: eumelanin and pheomelanin, the combination of which gives the whole gamut of color shades. These pigments are synthesized by special cells (melanocytes) in accordance with the genetic program. The activity of melanocytes changes over time, so the hair color of a person varies, which gives the hair a wonderful natural look.

The keratinized cells of the hair shaft can no longer receive or give melanin. Therefore, graying of hair starts from the roots, since for some reason the pigment does not enter the newly formed cells at all or it does not receive enough. Gray hair differs from all other hair only in that it does not have pigment.”

-“Can premature graying of hair be prevented?”

-“Natural hair color can be improved, and even restored with the help of Colour Keep. Early gray hair can be prevented if, for example, the deficiency of zinc, copper, iron and manganese is replenished in the body. Most often, zinc deficiency occurs. However, on average, a person receives with food a little more than half the required daily dose of zinc. As I already mentioned, early gray hair can be associated with thyroid dysfunction, and this is a common consequence of iodine deficiency. If early gray hair is caused by a malfunction of the thyroid gland, then with normalization of the thyroid function, gray hair recedes, the natural color of the hair is restored. If you want to be and look young, replenish the supply of trace elements. Hair pigmentation also depends on the presence of B vitamins: vitamin B6, folic and pantothenic acids. Sulfur, which is part of the sulfur-containing proteins of cysteine ​​and methionine, gives a beautiful shine to hair. Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency is one of the causes of death of hair follicles, growth retardation and hair loss, therefore unsaturated fatty acids are generally beneficial for healthy hair. .

-“What makes Colour Keep so special?”

- “Let’s say that coloring your gray hair is not the best choice you can make. There are two reasons for this. First, gray hair is difficult to pigment and is very moody about dyes. Qualitatively paint a large amount of gray hair the first time is capable of only professional paint for gray hair. Unprofessional often lays down on it unevenly and quickly rinses off, creating the effect of faded strands. Second, unprofessional color dyes can only harm your hair, making it look damaged.

Colour Keep is the only product on the market that can restore your hair color! Almost everyone would convince you this is impossible! People will tell you that once your hair starts changing its color to gray, you can do nothing about it! Well, that’s not true. With Colour Keep you can not only stop the process, but also enjoy again your natural hair color! The presence of only natural products is the secret that stays behind Colour Keep’s effectiveness. This hair spray consists of ginseng, lovage root, sesame and tuber fleeceflower which are crucial for melanin production. Lovage root in particular is responsible for protection of the hair follicles and at the same time, it stops the discoloration process.

The spray has to be applied after bath or washing your hair, while the hair is still wet. That way it penetrates the roots. This procedure has to be repeated at least twice a day.”

“Prof. Godsy, when did you notice the difference in your hair?”

“In fact, I saw my hair has changed its color probably a week after I started using Colour Keep. After two weeks, I felt more confident in myself, because the difference in my hair color was huge! A month later, there wasn’t a single white or gray piece of hair on my head!”

“That sounds like a miracle?!”

“Yes, it really is! There’s nothing better than natural ingredients that could achieve that goal! For that reason, I want to recommend Colour Keep to all the people who want to bring back the time and restore their natural hair color! Most importantly, Colour Keep is a completely safe product!”

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