Gimbal bearing of Sterndrive, OMC, and Volvo Penta

Manila, Metropolitan Manila - 08 Mar, 2019


We are SINERA MARINE, is the supplier of stern drive, ATV, PWC, and Snowmobile parts in Taiwan.

Welcome to visit our website: http://www.sineramarine.cc

We manufacture products for many different models, such as, MERCRUISER (ALPHA ONE, GEN,II, BRAVO I & II), OMC Cobra, VOLVO PENTA, etc.

Our parts include : Drive Shaft Housing,U-Joint, Yoke, Socket, Retainer, Grommet, Fuel System, Special Tools, Starters,Thermostats And Kits, Cooling, Drive Systems, Electrical / Ignition, Exhaust,Engine-External, Engine-Internal, Power Term, Remote Control, Transom, Bearing,Prop Hardware, Seal Kits, Gear Housing Assembly, Power head,Cooling(Thermostat), Cooling(Water Pump), Head Gaskets, Electrical, Drive ShaftHousing Gear Sets, Upper Housing, Lower Housing, Gear case Seal/Bearing &Gear Kit, Gearing Housing Bearing, Oil Seals, Piston Kits, Thrust Bearings,Roller Bearings, Cage Bearings, Power Packs And Amplifiers, Propeller, WaterPump show out, Housing, Cup, Impeller, Washer, Screw, Nut, Tube Guide, O-Ring,Key, Gasket, Wear Plate, Water Pump Base, Shim, Bushing Assembly, Clip, ShiftShaft, Insert, Trim Tab, Shift Spool, Shift Crank, Cross Pin, Clutch Dog, PropShaft, Thrust Ring, Ball Bearing, Bearing Carrier, Tab Washer, Cover Nut,Thrust Hub, Lock washer, Lock Nut, Slinger, Drive Shaft, Anode, Draining Screw,Shift Cable Tool, Bearing Retainer Wrench, Shift Shaft Bushing Tool, PinionGear Shimming Tool, Drive Shaft Adaptor, Drive Gear Shimming Tool, BearingCarrier Retainer Wrench, Pinion Nut Adaptor Kit, Hinge pin Tool, EngineAlignment Tool, Trim Cylinder, Rear Anchor Pin, Rod Scraper, Floating Piston,Springs, Steel Ball, Shock Piston, Cylinder Housing Kit, Plate Seal, CenteringCone, Gimbal Bearing, Clamp, Spacer, Cotter Pin, Reverse Gear, Screen…etc.

Some of our bearing list is as below

30-88957T Ball Bearing
31-30894A1 Bearing
31-30895 Bearing
31-35928T1 Bearing
31-828437A2 Bearing
31-828439A2 Bearing
31-30895 Roller Bearing
31-30956 Roller Bearing
31-30956 Roller Bearing
31-32573A1 Roller Bearing
31-33138A1 Roller Bearing
31-35988A12 Roller Bearing Kit
31-35988A2 Roller Bearing
31-35990A1 Roller Bearing
31-36387A1 Roller Bearing
31-42647A1 Roller Bearing
31-66818A1 Roller Bearing
3853807-0 Gimbal Bearing
30-60794A4 Gimbal Bearing
30-862540A3 Gimbal Bearing
31-32575A1 Bearing Assembly 45-897624T
31-32575A1 Bearing Assembly 45-897625T
31-61100A1 Bearing Assembly 45-916919
31-61100A1 Bearing Assembly 60X-45501-10-00

Any question, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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