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CALL us now; 02 83735617 or 09270863613 Most access installers find themselves in this sticky situation at some point: they need to install or reinstall a door lock. The problem? Door lock installation is a whole world unto itself, and seemingly is fraught with hundreds of different problems to address. When it comes to securing doors, the lock must work perfectly, or security and even life-safety could be at risk. In this note, we walk though the installation of a lock on our test door. While it is specific to our door and our lock, the general installation process is helpful in many situations. We document that process below. Installation Process Our example will install a Mortise Lockset into our Test Door, but these same principles apply to the installation of every lock type. The steps to follow are: Door/Frame Alignment Lock Prep Lock Installation Function Checks and Final Adjustments Performing the steps in order will result in locks installed with a high degree of reliability in the field. Lock Prep The first step is to configure the lock for use in the door. This process varies according to specific locks, but the general procedure for every type is listed below: Fixing Latch Position Fine Tuning Lock Function Handing Fixing Latch Position: Because door swing differs in the field, the latchbolt frequently needs to be reoriented. This means the tapered side of the latch faces the strike, so the latch automatically retracts when the door closes. If not faced properly, the door likely will not close properly due to the latch interfering with the strike. Most locks feature a latch that can be twisted or installed to fit either direction.

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